Following Preprocessors are supported:




Zen Coding

Zen Coding is supported!

Example Usage: Type ul>li>a*4 and hit the tab key in the HTML codebox.

JS and CSS Resources

You can load a lot of JS and CSS resources like jQuery, Mootools, Prototype, Bootstrap and tons more form the Preferences Panel.

Want more ? Check out CDNJS.

Private Bins

Most items are kinda private by nature (until we feature them on homepage). No one can actually see them anywhere (except us when picking them to the home). Right, no one can see them anywhere, not even in your Profile Page :)

Yet, you can select the Private option from the Preferences Panel so that even we do not see them in the section from which we feature creations :D

There's also the Super Private option which means NO ONE except you will be able to open the bin/item/creation/whatever_you_wanna_call_it.


You can embed any creation in your blog/article/webpage. Just copy the Embed code from the Share box that you'll see on the item page and paste in your webpage. Works like a charm!


Notifications is in it's early stages at the moment. You get notifications if anyone commented on any of your creations. It's nicely listed into it's own section where you can clear/delete them anytime you want.

Also a red badge is shown over your (gr)avatar whenever you have 1 or more notifications.


There's the Validations Panel where you'll see your JS errors or syntax errors from your pre processors code.


You can comment on ANY creation!


You can set Title and description for every item you make.

Optionally, a custom slug for the URL of your item can also be set :).

Extra Goodies