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Tantek’s CSS reset removes some of the more prominent and unwanted default browser styles. In particular, it removes the often undesirable underlines and borders from links and clicked links, eliminates margins and padding from most block elements, and even sets the universal font size to be 1em.

Here’s the commented code as it appears on Tantek’s site:

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/* undohtml.css */
/* (CC) 2004 Tantek Celik. Some Rights Reserved.                  */
/* http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0                     */
/* This style sheet is licensed under a Creative Commons License. */
/* Purpose: undo some of the default styling of common (X)HTML browsers */

/* link underlines tend to make hypertext less readable, 
   because underlines obscure the shapes of the lower halves of words */
:link,:visited { text-decoration:none }

/* no list-markers by default, since lists are used more often for semantics */
ul,ol { list-style:none }

/* avoid browser default inconsistent heading font-sizes */
/* and pre/code too */
h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,pre,code { font-size:1em; }

/* remove the inconsistent (among browsers) default ul,ol padding or margin  */
/* the default spacing on headings does not match nor align with 
   normal interline spacing at all, so let's get rid of it. */
/* zero out the spacing around pre, form, body, html, p, blockquote as well */
/* form elements are oddly inconsistent, and not quite CSS emulatable. */
/*  nonetheless strip their margin and padding as well */
{ margin:0; padding:0 }

/* whoever thought blue linked image borders were a good idea? */
a img,:link img,:visited img { border:none }

/* de-italicize address */
address { font-style:normal }

/* more varnish stripping as necessary... */

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