Student Tips to Become a Self-Taught Developer

The terms coding and programming are discouraging enough to most people, while in reality, acquiring the skills to code is not as difficult as most people picture it to be. A self-taught developer is usually a term used to describe an individual who has gained programming knowledge without attending classes or taking lessons from an instructor. It is a good way of learning since one can learn at their own pace without pressure. Moreover, you can assess your coding knowledge without any formal evaluation. It makes it easy for one to become more open-minded to adopting new and advanced coding strategies and not just the ones taught and evaluated in class. A lot of free programming information is available online, making it easy to become a self-taught developer. Let’s review some of the best ways a student can use to become a self-taught developer. 

Develop a Plan

Developing a plan is crucial for succeeding in everything we do. For instance, if you fail to plan how to handle your essays, you might get stressed with deadlines and would be forced to seek help from sites like Thus, the first step to becoming a self-taught developer is coming up with a plan that will help guide you. It should contain objectives and the learning areas you would like to handle. Your objectives need to be realistic so that you do not pile up pressure on yourself.

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For better planning, you can create a spreadsheet with the concepts you would like to learn, and you can tick them off the list once you master them. For example, you can start by learning the various programming languages and how to apply them and then proceed to learn about web development, data structures, computer networking, and more. Once you create a list of concepts you would like to learn, it becomes easier to carry out self-evaluations and master various concepts within a short time. Once you have set your objectives, you have to let everything in your journey support these goals to ensure you build the learning momentum.

Read and Practice More Often

To become a good developer, you have to read and practice the theoretical information you review. The practical part is what makes you develop more skills. For example, if you want to venture more into web development, practice using the various programming languages. You can create sample websites even for your friends just to put into practice what you have learned over time. To ensure you are doing enough, you can set weekly objectives and conduct a self-evaluation to track your progress. So, ensure your objectives revolve around learning new concepts and coding.

After gathering enough knowledge, you can start a pet project. After working on the first project, you can advance it using the newly acquired knowledge and compare it with the first version you created. Having objectives and pet projects will ensure you continue learning new coding concepts. It is important to remember that what sets you apart from a programming genius is practice, so do not stop learning.


It is best to find individuals with whom you share the same passion to become a better developer. Staying in contact with your peers will challenge you to work more on your skills, and you can learn a lot from them, especially if they are more experienced. During your interactions, do not be afraid to share some problems you encountered during your learning sessions. You can also find a mentor to help you navigate the coding field, from perfecting your skills to helping you understand how to earn as a developer.  

Learn More About Programming Languages

To become a top developer, you have first to understand the various programming languages, such as Java and Python. The basic languages you will need to learn as an entry-level developer are Java, Python, and JavaScript. The coding language you opt to explore plays a key role in determining the type of developer you want to become. For example, if you are looking forward to becoming a front-end web developer, then the best language to focus on mastering how to work with JavaScript.

Furthermore, the Java programming language will be a more suitable option if you want to major in the development of games or applications. Suppose you want to start your coding journey without feeling pressured to master a lot of concepts. In that case, you can start learning about the simplicity and readability of Python, which will make your journey easier.  

Understand Data Structures and Algorithms

After improving your comprehension of the programming languages, you can proceed to learn about the data structure and algorithms used in coding. These algorithms will guide you on how to optimize codes as well as crack complex computational challenges. Mastering data structures and algorithms will make it easy for you to handle bulky operations. For example, when working on a project with a lot of data, you will need data structures and algorithms to help you manage and manipulate data efficiently.

Utilize Online Materials

The internet has made life easier; you can buy an assignment online, access learning material easily, and carry out academic research, among other things. Platforms such as YouTube have made learning easier since people can now learn more concepts just by watching videos. Several online learning materials can help you become a good developer; they include blogs, online forums, e-books, and social media pages. You can read through website blogs created by various developers that give relevant information. Additionally, on social media platforms such as Instagram, some individuals post tutorials on various coding concepts, roadmaps, and other useful programming and web development information. Utilizing the information available online will help master a wide range of concepts without needing an instructor.

Wrapping Up

It is easy to rule out becoming a developer since most people think the field is more technical. What many don’t know is that you can acquire coding knowledge without even attending class. Most of the famous developers, like Steve Jobs, were self-taught. With research and practice, you can develop programming skills on your own. Thanks to platforms like YouTube, the technology era has also made it easier for self-taught developers to perfect their skills. Becoming a self-taught developer is an exciting journey filled with curious and uncertain moments, and with persistence and hard work, you can become a top developer in the industry.

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