10 Mac Apps That Can Help You Stay Focused and Productive While Working from Home

Productivity improves morale and builds a culture of excellence in delivering tasks. When remote workers are highly productive, they improve their work-life balance and overall organizational productivity. When working from home, several barriers hinder productivity. They are time management, distractions, technical issues, and cybersecurity. Productivity applications help remote workers to stay organized and prioritize tasks. They help them manage their obligations and remain focused. Apple has a variety of apps that help you improve your work output when working from home. 

Does Apple have productivity apps? 

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Apple has developed a wide range of apps that boost your work output. They help you get organized, improve your habits, and increase focus. Various apps are available for free, while others are paid for. The top six Mac productivity apps are: 

  • Forest: Software to help you stay focused
  • Serene: Mac planning app to keep you organized
  • VPN: Tool for improving online security 
  • Bento: For keeping your tasks organized in priorities
  • Alfred: Boost efficiency with hotkeys  
  • Habit Tracker: Keeping your habits on track

How do I stay productive on my Mac? 

When working on your Mac, there are many tricks you can use to stay productive. They save time, improve your working speed, and keep your Mac healthy. Learn to use keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse. Use software to keep your work organized. Keep your computer clean and cyber secure to keep its speed high. Learn Mac tricks for solving technical issues and also how to get into a Mac without a password. Forgetting a password is pretty common, so knowing it will help you immensely.

What apps help with productivity?


Goalify is a habit-tracking app for Mac. Use it to create goals for your good and bad habits. The app allows you to create features such as reminders and dashboards. As you tackle your habits, you create goals to eliminate the bad ones. You can then keep the focus on your good habits to help you improve productivity. 


A VPN hides your IP address and connects you to a remote server. You benefit from keeping your online habits hidden from cybercriminals. If they gain access to your Mac, they can destroy or steal your documents. Their activities can affect your work output significantly. 


Alfred is one of the best planning apps for Mac. Apart from keeping your files organized, it makes it easier to launch apps. You can use it to find files, search the web and perform system commands. 


Serene is one of the popular focus apps for Mac. When you activate it, it blocks distractions from apps and websites. You can program it to silence your smartphone and plan your day. 


Forest is another important focus app for Mac. It helps you manage your time well and keep away distractions. You earn points for not using your phone, and you plant a tree. By staying disciplined, your forest finally becomes populated with trees. 


Todoist helps you manage your tasks in priority. It helps you break your complex to-do lists into simple, easy-to-manage tasks. It is a Mac focus app because it helps you keep track of your tasks. When using the app, every task gets your attention. 


Ipassword helps save all your passwords in one place. Sometimes you fail to deliver tasks on time because you forgot access codes. With this app, you can keep your passwords secure. 


Bento is one of the focus apps on Mac that keeps your tasks organized. It helps keep your tasks to the minimum limit. When you have too much to do, you can become overwhelmed and procrastinate. Bento allows you to do three tasks at a time. 

Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker helps you create good habits and achieve your work goals. It gives you reminders of habits/things that you need to do. The app tracks your habits and generates charts. It allows you to invite your friends to build good habits together.

Apple Notes

Apple Notes help you to capture your ideas and thoughts fast. It allows you to attach documents, draw, and take notes. You can use it to create checklists and sync them with your iPhone. 


Many Mac apps help you stay focused and productive while working from home. Apple has developed a wide range of software to keep your work organized. Focus apps for Mac include Serene, Forest, and Alfred. Some are available for free, but others are subscription-based. 

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