4 Free Color Palette Generators for Your Projects

Sometimes even we developers and designers have creative blocks and need something to draw inspiration from. For example, often as a designer or developer, you may find yourself drawn to the same colors or color schemes over and over. When you find yourself in a creative rut such as this, a great way to get out of it and get inspired is by using a color palette generator, which randomly generates combinations of colors for you in a way that is sure to spark anyone’s creativity. Check out the list below for our favorite free color palette generators on the web.

1. Coolors

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Coolors is a really fun color palette generator that will generate as many color schemes for you as you can handle. Once you start the generator, all you need to do is push the space bar on your keyboard to generate an entire new color scheme. Coolors lets you easily export any palette into a variety of different formats so you can be sure that you won’t lose any palettes you might be interested in (you also have the option to save them if you create an account!).

2. Canva

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Canva is a cool color palette generator that creates a color scheme for you by drawing colors from an uploaded image. If you’ve got an image that you think is beautiful or that inspires you, simply upload it and use the colors as a color scheme for your next project. With Canva, you can use the colors from a beautiful sunset or a field of flowers as true inspiration for any of your designs.

3. Adobe Color CC

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Adobe Color CC lets you choose your own color from a color wheel and then create your own color scheme from there based on a set of options. Looking for complimentary colors? Or a monochromatic color theme? Adobe Color CC has you covered.

4. Color Hunt

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Color Hunt’s collection of color palettes aren’t randomly generated or generated from images like some of the others on this list. Color Hunt provides its users with beautiful curated color schemes that any designer would be delighted to use as inspiration for a new project.

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