5 Colors to Use for Your Late Winter Projects

It’s March, which means spring is almost here, but we’re not totally finished with winter yet. If you’re not sure how to bridge the gap between these two seasons in terms of color, we’re here for you. Check out this free color palette generated specifically for the month of March — use these colors on your sites and projects. Use them for your graphics, icons, fonts, email templates, etc…the possibilities are endless.


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The swatch includes some brighter and lighter colors — a nod to the blooming flowers of spring still to come — in the pastel pink and bright blue shades. But don’t think we forgot that March is still technically winter — that’s why we’ve included an icy blue and a deep, somber navy that could definitely reflect the colors of the landscape after a late-winter storm. The grey color can be used with both the light and the dark colors to help balance things out. Any combinations of these colors will look great together, use two, four, or all of them for a fresh take on this last month of winter.

The hex and rgba color codes for the colors are as follows:

  • Minty blue/green: #e3f7f0 // rgb(227, 247, 240)
  • Bright blue: #5b63fe // rgb(91, 99, 254)
  • Pastel pink: #ffe4e1 // rgb(255, 228, 225)
  • Grey: #edeff0 //  rgb(237, 239, 240)
  • Navy: #233042 // rgb(35, 48, 66)


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