6 Best Books For Beginners To Learn TypeScript


TypeScript is an open-source programming language. It was developed by Anders Hejlsberg and is maintained by Microsoft. Basically, TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript so any code that is valid in JavaScript is also valuable for TypeScript as well. 

Thus TypeScript is an extended JavaScript for learning TypeScript. So knowing JavaScript is a must. TypeScript makes it easier to read and understand the code. Plus by using TypeScript, you will be able to make a huge improvement over plain and simple JavaScript.

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TypeScript supports object-oriented programming concepts. Concepts such as interfaces, classes, inheritance, etc.

It also adds optional static types, modules, and classes to JavaScript. So that it can enable better structuring of the large JavaScript applications. 

TypeScript is used for developing JavaScript applications. For both the server-side and client-side execution. Plus, it is used to create several applications using popular frameworks. Popular frameworks such as Node.js, React,Vue.js, and Angular. 

Let’s dig deep into some of the good TypeScript books. As they will help you in learning TypeScript from the scratch.

6 Best Books For Beginners To Learn TypeScript 

1. TypeScript Essentials Book By Christopher Nance

Christopher Nance’s Book TypeScript Essentials

Christopher Nance’s book is great for anyone. Whoever wants to expand their mental prowess as a programmer. Basically, this book is a must-have for the ones learning TypeScript as beginners. 

You will be able to learn about the TypeScript compiler and its development tools. Plus you would be able to develop an interactive web application. Moreover, it will broaden your horizons on how to create reliable code. Hence creating a code through test-driven development, etc. 

2. Programming TypeScript: Making Your JavaScript Applications Scale Book By Boris Chemy

Boris Cherny’s Book Programming TypeScript: Making Your JavaScript Applications Scale

This book is one of the best books. As it explains thoroughly about TypeScript. It has loads of examples that can enable you to learn about TypeScript much faster.

This book will help you learn about TypeScript’s different types and type operators. Plus it also contains knowledge about theTypeScript’s sophisticated type system. Like how to use TypeScript with frontend and backend frameworks. Or how to migrate your existing JavaScript project to TypeScript. Moreover, how you can run your TypeScript application in the production stage.

Thus this book is highly recommended for beginners. Because this book has in-depth knowledge of TypeScript.

3. Effective TypeScript: 62 Specific Ways to Improve Your TypeScript Book By Dan Vanderkam

Dan Vanderkam’s Book Effective TypeScript: 62 Specific Ways to Improve Your TypeScript

Effective TypeScript by Dan Vanderkam is all about specific and actionable advice. As it will help you to deepen your understanding about TypeScript programming.

This book has 62 specific ways for you to improve the use of TypeScript. It includes 8 chapters that will enable you to advance from a beginner to an intermediate level. And then to the advanced level.  

Once you read this book you will gain full command on how to use this programming language. Plus it is quite valuable for those who want to become experts using TypeScript. 

4. Essential TypeScript: From Beginner to Pro Book By Adam Freeman

Adam Freeman’s Book Essential TypeScript: From Beginner to Pro

This book by Adam Freeman describes the benefits of using TypeScript. It further explains how to use TypeScript in realistic scenarios. This book goes in-depth to provide the knowledge that you need. 

“Essential TypeScript” is the best way to start learning about TypeScript. As it first talks about pretty basic things. Then slowly and gradually builds to the most advanced and sophisticated features.

However, it enables you to learn how TypeScript builds on the JavaScript type system. In order to create a safer and more productive development experience. 

Moreover, this book covers every topic quite clearly and concisely. It has loads of details that you need to learn to be truly effective. 

5. Learning TypeScript Book By Remo H. Jansen

Remo H. Jansen’s Book Learning TypeScript

This book by Remo H. Jansen is a very comprehensive step-by-step guide. As it includes lots of practical examples explaining the fundamentals of TypeScript.

Thus by reading you’ll be able to gain knowledge on how to develop maintainable, and adaptable web applications. Moreover, you will be able to save time while using automation tools such as Gulp and Karma. As it can finally help you develop robust applications with testing.

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of TypeScript to read this book. As it has information about everything regarding TypeScript. Plus it is highly recommended for the beginner’s learning TypeScript. 

6. Pro TypeScript: Application-Scale JavaScript Development Book By Steve Fenton

Steve Fenton’s Book Pro TypeScript: Application-Scale JavaScript Development

This book by Steve Fenton is a comprehensive book to learn TypeScript. Plus it is great for beginners and advanced learners. So those web developers who are in search of a modern approach to JavaScript. This book is especially for them as well. 

Thus if you want to learn about the TypeScript type system. So, it has information on how to integrate existing frameworks or libraries into your TypeScript program. Or how to use TypeScript to apply object-oriented design. Plus how you can work with memory, exceptions, and performance. It will provide you with an insight on how to run TypeScript on a server.

Also includes information about automated testing of the applications, etc.  


So the above-mentioned books are highly suitable for beginners learning TypeScript. As these books have a lot of information about TypeScript which you may or may not be able to find anywhere else. 

Thus you will be able to quickly grasp all the information about TypeScript. The above-mentioned books are clearfully chosen for you. Plus, I believe you will be able to learn more swiftly and efficiently.  

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