7 Best TypeScript Courses For Beginners


If you are a beginner hoping to polish your programming skills. And take them to a whole new level, we have just the perfect courses for you. Here, you can choose from the 7 best TypeScript Courses that can help you learn TypeScript easily.

It is quite strenuous when one tries to learn programming through books directly. The better option is to find an online course, get the basic know-how, and then refer to the books. 

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Here are a few courses which you would find quite easy and interesting.

1. Understanding TypeScript – 2022 Edition

This is quite a comprehensive course. As it explains in detail why TypeScript is better than JavaScript. From how it works – to installing Typescript to writing fully functional code. Plus about how to use TypeScript together with ReactJS and Angular. 

This course will also teach you the advanced features of TypeScript. For example, types, classes, modules, interfaces, etc.

From this course you will also learn how to write better codes using Types.

2. Typescript: The Complete Developer’s Guide [2022] By Udemy

This course is by one of the best Udemy instructors, Stephen Grider. As this course is an advanced TypeScript course. Where you will learn to master popular design patterns and build complex projects.

Through this course you can learn main things about TypeScript. For example: coding design patterns, build large applications.

Plus, how to integrate TypeScript into React/Redux or Express Projects. Moreover, you can also understand what is composition vs inheritance, and when to use them. Besides you can write reusable code powered by classes and interfaces. You will also learn to assemble reusable boilerplates for your own TypeScript projects.

This course is easily available at ZTM Academy but it requires ZTM Membership.

3. TypeScript for Professionals By Udemy

This is another online course that will guide you through the basics. And lead you towards building your own large, successful projects. With the help of this course, you will be able to apply TypeScript to real-world projects.

This course is of just one and a half hour duration. In this course, you will deal with OOP programming with TypeScript. It will be easier for you if you have the know-how of languages like C++ or Java. otherwise, it will be a bit tricky. In this course, you will learn about class and objects, and method overloading, etc. 

4. Introduction to TypeScript Development

Another significant course on Udemy on TypeScript. The key points that this course explains are quite comprehensive. Plus, this course begins with the installation and then an explanation of basic syntax and structure is carried out.

Then you learn about TypeScript closure and Object-Oriented programming using TypeScript. The main highlight of this course is the thorough explanation of the instructor. The best thing is it doesn’t even omit any of the minor details.

5. TypeScript Fundamentals

If you are looking for something that starts with the very basic. That takes you along smoothly, this is definitely the course you are looking for. 

As, it starts with an introduction and explanation of why TypeScript is used. Before it moves towards the details of TypeScript such as its features, syntax, codes, etc. 

Once you are familiar with the basics, you are further elevated to professional development. As you will learn about tooling and framework, IDE, and sublime text using TypeScript.

You will also learn about classes and interfaces, arrow functions and debugging, etc.

6. Learn TypeScript 

This course is by Codecademy is a great opportunity to learn about TypeScript . It is one of an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes. Plus you will also find that they also offer coding classes in 12 different programming languages. They offer a variety of courses on Python, Java, Go, JavaScript, etc.

Although the duration of the course is of 10-hours, it is quite interactive and worth your time. Here, you will learn to apply JavaScript syntax to TypeScript’s Type system. Therefore, your programming experience will be enhanced and it will give your code structure.  

This course covers Types, Functions, Complex Types, Type Narrowing, and Advanced Object Types. You will also be taught the use of TypeScript’s linter which will help in reducing compilation errors and increase the workflow.

7. Learn TypeScript: The Complete Course for Beginners

For those who have a hard time watching videos and are more prone to reading, this course is tailor-made for you. A great TypeScript Course that is completely text-based.

In this course, you will start from the basics and then move towards more advanced levels where you will learn Type checking, iterators, and manipulating objects and arrays.

Although it is text-based, it can still be very interactive. You can run the TypeScript code on your browser which will help you learn the programming language of TypeScript. 

This course is not free as you will either have to buy it or go for Educative Subscription where you will have to pay some amount to access the services. 


From a wide variety of available courses, we have narrowed down your research for you. These are some of the courses that you can opt for to enhance your programming languages and then utilize them effectively. Although people learn TypeScript for angular2, there are whole different possibilities that you can explore with better supported OOP features.

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