8 Free Form Builders: Alternatives to HTML Forms

For collecting information from the people or for collecting feedback, form is the best method. Form building by HTML can be boring. However, you should try different form builders. Here we will be discussing about the best 8 alternatives of the HTML form.

Google forms

Google doc is well-known as an excellent alternative of Microsoft Office. It can also be used for creating forms. Google forms are free and those can be placed in a spreadsheet automatically.

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Wufoo is the one of the oldest tool for form making. Wufoo has been provided with great look. In addition, it has a very strong report generator, which will convert the data of form into customized charts. It is not free and it will cost $14.95 per month.


JotForm is one of the fastest form builders. You just need to visit their website and you will be able to start creating a form immediately. It is free for 100 entries and after that it will cost $9.95 per month.


If you want a form, which is professionally designed, then you will have to go for the Formstack. It is the most expensive among all as well. In addition, you will be able to find advanced features that will let you create a professional form in a very short time.


Typeform is one of the most unconventional form builders. It is very modern and the interface is perfect for portable devices. It will be available for free with core features. However, for pro features you have to pay $25 per month.


iFormBuilder has been designed specifically as a data collection solution for mobiles. Even if you are travelling, you will be able to collect data very easily. It is very costly as well in relation to other form builders. However, it will cost $50 per month for up to five users as well as 100 forms.


FormsCentral is an excellent tool from Adobe to create forms. It has a flash powered designer that will let you design your form very smoothly. In addition, it will be able to import any sort of PDF forms. It will cost $11.99/+month.


If you are going to sell your staffs through forms, in that case Formsite can be the best solution for you. It will offer billing features. This particular feature is not available with any other application. In addition, you will be able to accept payment from the credit cards directly. However, it will cost $24.95/month.

However, among all of the form builders, JotForm is the best option if you want to make your form for free. It is easy to use and easier to implement.

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