9 Free online courses to learn CSS 

Much of the world’s business is now being done on the Internet with people using mobiles, tablets,  or laptops looking for news, online shopping, video chats, office documentation, recipes, booking restaurants, reviews of school, locating doctors or even playing games. Our world has shrunk to the 6” inch screen allowing website development companies to multiplying and earn big money.

For those looking to start their own website, learning HTML5 and CSS is a must. They are bread and butter for any developer. But the best part of HTML and CSS is that they are not very hard to decode. The coding is very simple and can be learned quickly, especially if developers take advantage of the free online courses available. Here is a list that will likely help any would-be developer become a pro in very little time.

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1. CSS Basics

This is the best course to brush up on the basic skills of using CSS. There are around 18 chapters which explain each topic carefully with lots of examples.


2. CSS Tutorials

These are a collection of tutorials to prepare developers for advanced use of CSS.  Here developers will learn how to control the style and layout of multiple web pages all at once. There are examples in every chapter.


3. CSS Beginner

The tutorials in CSS Beginner are written in a way to help people who know HTML and want to build on that knowledge. The tutorials have a lot of content to help beginners become proficient.


4. CSS Basics: WordPress Style

WordPress is still the most popular platform for creating websites. This tutorial will explain how to incorporate CSS into the WordPress theme. It also helps developers convert a website easily into a mobile App after going through the tutorial.

5. Don’t Fear the Internet

This website is filled with data to teach beginners how to make a WordPress blog and then tweak CSS and HTML to bring ideas to life.  The tutorial is presented in a very humorous and user friendly tone making it very interesting even in midst of some complicated codes.


6. An Advanced Guide to HTML and CSS

An Advanced Guide to HTML and CSS provides students with knowledge on the more advanced features of the CSS coding to develop the front end much better. It will teach users responsiveness, transformation, jQuery, preprocessors and animations.


7. CSS Cross-country

This is for the people who already have beginners and intermediate knowledge of CSS. Here the authors provide videos for more advance learning and fun-filled activities. Users can earn points with every completed challenge.


8. Smashing Magazine’s CSS Coding

Smashing Magazine’s starts with some basic information and then moves to more advance learning. It teaches how to get background images and about moving from PSD to XHTML. It teaches various effects and animations in a fun way with examples.


9. Dev.Opera CSS Basic

This online tutorial teaches all the technical aspects of CSS. It covers topics from what is CSS to defining various styles, animation and effects in the text.



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