Best Places To Learn Programming


If you are a beginner or at an intermediate level or an expert? There is no rest for a programmer! As it is essential to learn every new trick that comes to the surface.  

So are looking to start a side hustle or looking to upgrade your skill level? Whatever the reason for you to be learning the code. You have to begin by learning some programming.  

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You can always go the conventional route like the most. For example, going to college or any other institution, but it can be a bit expensive. But who has time for that? But now you can easily find your way out through searching on the internet no matter the issue. 

Therefore you can find everything online. Thus you can just learn the programming skills you need online. As there are many free online resources specialty dedicated to this purpose. The question would be which are the best ones?

Besides, you can learn programming in the quickest and easiest way. As there are many of which don’t cost anything. Following are the best sources from where you can learn programming.

1. Udemy

Udemy is a great platform for learning programming. As it has many courses that are either free or some cost money. The cost of buying a certain course can fluctuate. But no worries there are many free courses on Udemy that are just as good as the paid ones.

The best is you’ll be learning from the highly-qualified people. Each course has various lessons. Once you learn everything you get to test your knowledge through various quizzes.

Moreover, you will find that some courses have a long duration and some of just a few hours. So the ones that are quite long and have extensive knowledge. Also, there are some crash courses for those who don’t have much time to learn. And these crash courses are quite short and full of knowledge.

Plus there are some courses that offer certificates as well once you have learned. Thus to get access to these courses. You simply need to create an account and get learning.

2. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is another one of the best online learning platforms. As it offers free training on its website and on its Youtube channel as well.

On this platform, you will find various courses. They offer different skill sets too. So, these vast courses focus on helping students. Thus, they also help other people who are on the intermediate or expert level. Even professionals use it to enhance their skills to learn something new.

Therefore, to access these courses you just have to create an account first. So you just have to log in, and navigate to the free or paid courses category. Then, you can enroll in whichever course you fancy and start learning.

3. W3Schools 

W3Schools is an excellent platform for beginners to learn programming. On this platform, you will find that the courses are very well explained. Plus you will also find that they are accompanied by practical examples. That will help to illustrate how things are done.

Although this platform offers paid courses. But it offers much of its training material for free. So it makes this learning platform a great place for beginners to start. For learning on this platform, you won’t even need to create an account in order to start learning!

4. Coursera

Coursera is another great online platform for learning. Especially learning programming. This platform offers anyone from across the world access to its online courses.

Plus they are over 9,000+ courses you can choose from. Moreover, you will find that there are multiple programming niches on it. So no matter your area of interest there is always something for everyone.

Besides, to get started, just go to the website, and create a free account. Then you can gain access to a variety of courses once you log in. After that, you can just search for a programming course that interests you. Thus you can just click on the Enroll For Free Button and start learning.

5. Free Code Camp

If your aim is to become a competent web developer, either front-end or back-end. Then I would urge you to consider coding classes at Free Code Camp.

Free Code Camp is a place that offers only programming-related courses. As it presents a great opportunity for the ones on a mission to learn necessary coding skills. Plus it is one f the popular platform to learn programming.

To access the courses you would have to create an account and then you are good to go. Just like other platforms, it also offers you a certificate once you complete a course.

6. edX 

This learning platform is also a great choice for programmers to learn to program. As it is a platform that offers quality courses. So, once you complete learning a course you will get a certificate. It will be a certificate from the world’s best institutions and universities.

This edX offers career-focused programs and courses. As you would expect it helps you build the skills you will need to succeed. Besides, edX also offers online boot camps, executive education, certificate programs, etc.

Therefore you simply have to create an account on edX in order to enroll in any of the courses. So once you have created an account. Just log in to search for any of the programming courses that spark an interest in you. 

7. Geeks for Geeks

Geeks for Geeks is a computer science-oriented portal. As it contains thoroughly explained computer science and programming articles. Plus there are many free programming courses as well. So it will help to ease the stress that beginners often face with programming.

This portal is quite similar to Free Code Camp. Because all of the content on offer is available for free. Just like every other platform you just have to create an account which will take only a few moments.

Once you log in,  just go ahead and enroll in any of the programming courses that interest you. Next, begin the learning process for programming.


All things considered, the above-mentioned 7 platforms are the best way to learn to program. Because they will provide the beginners with a solid foundation or concepts. Besides, whether you are an expert or a beginner in programming. You will benefit from the above learning platforms.

As Steve Jobs says “Learn continually – there is always one more thing to learn!”. So with advancing technology, there is always something new for one to learn. 

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