Best Programming Language For Web Development

Programming languages are always changing over time. Technologies are improving. One development leads to another and we solve problems and improve our capabilities to write extra efficient code. Due to the rapid improving of the technologies programming language has become more essential. Because if you are extremely interested in Robotics then you would know that programming language is used to build robots too. So that they can interpret what we say with high efficiency.

We get a lot of queries about what programming language is best for web development. Plus everyone also wonders which is the best programming language for complete beginners.

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I don’t want to disappoint you with a “it depends” answer but it really does.

Types of Web Development

  1. Front-end development

Front-end development is known to be the style of computer programming that entirely focuses on coding, features of a website and the creation of elements that are visible to the user. Plus it mainly emphasizes on the visual aspects of a website that is functional. Moreover, it can also be perceived as a “client side” of an application. 

So all the front-end developers learn essential skills in order to make an exceptionally well presented website that appeals to the eyes of the global audience.

2. Back-end development

Back-end development means working on server-side software, mainly focusing on everything that you can’t see on a website. Back-end developers are responsible for making sure that the website performs correctly, focusing on databases, application programming interface (APIs), back-end logic, architecture, and servers. Back-end developers use code that helps browsers to communicate with databases, understand, store, and delete data.

Back-end developers must be familiar with different kinds of tools and frameworks including Java, Python, etc. Plus they make sure that the back-end performs swiftly and responsively to the front-end users requests.

3. Full-stack development

Full-stack development means working on both the front-end and back-end and knowing the whole website’s interface. Full-stack developers are known to be highly versatile like the jack of all trades in an industry that demands extensive programming knowledge. 

The full-stack developer knows the whole knowledge about the front-end that is client-side. Plus is also aware of the elements that make the site presentable to the viewers. Moreover, the full-stack developer is also aware of all the back-end work that includes the back-end logic, databases, and codes knowledge.

Full-stack developers knows about all the programming concepts and they also know all about the databases, server configuration and user interface to provide seamless user experience.

Programming Languages Used By Web Developers

Although the list of programming languages is quite long but the few that are most frequently used are mentioned below:

  1. HTML

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is a language that is for the web that defines the structure of web pages. It is considered to be one of the most basic building blocks of every website, so it is crucial to learn if you want to build up your career in web development. Plus if you are a newbie learning about HTML then there are some great HTML tips you could follow.

HTML is used to determine the structure of web pages because the structure alone is not enough to make a web page look good or interactive. So you will need to use assisted technologies like CSS and JavaScript to give life to HTML. Think of HTML as a structure of a house, CSS as an interior, and JavaScript being the exterior decor. 

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is known to be a dynamic programming language used for web development, for game development, in web applications etc. It provides you with an opportunity to implement dynamic features on web pages which is not possible to be done with only HTML and CSS.  So if you are a beginner and know nothing about JavaScript then you should read a complete guide about JavaScript as it will help you enormously in understanding JavaScript on a deeper level.

Therefore when you see a web page with a drop down menu, extra content added on the side of the page and those dynamic color changing elements, then you are seeing the effects of JavaScript.
Hence if you are looking to learn JavaScript then I can assure you it is very easy to learn unlike other programming languages. 

3. CSS

CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheet.”  So CSS is used to format the layout of Web pages. It can be used to define the text styles, table sizes, and other aspects of Web pages that previously could only be defined in a page’s HTML.

CSS helps web developers to create a uniform look across the several pages of a website. 

So instead of defining the styles of each table or block of text within a page’s HTML, commonly used styles only need to be defined once in a CSS document. 

Therefore when the style is defined in cascading style sheet, it can easily be used by any page that references the CSS file. Moreover, CSS makes it easier to change the styles across several pages at once.

4. Python

Python is known to be an open-source language which is pretty easy to learn and use. It is also considered the most popular language to be used for web development. Even beginners and experienced programmers use this programming language and say it is an ideal choice for them. Plus it can be used for backend development, web app development, data science and automation. Moreover if you are beginner and want to learn how to use this programming language then you should check out Python tutorials that will provide you with all the information you need to use it.


Now you know what knowledge a web developer must possess. Plus it is not that difficult to learn despite having all the technicalities. It becomes easy when once you learn it step by step and then you can build websites or applications and you could earn a lot of money for creating websites and applications.

Moreover, you can also transform your website into an android app with the help of WebView source code that will enable you to reach more audiences and customers through the app.   

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