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CSSMatic is a generator tool that you can use to create CSS code for gradients, borders, box-shadow, and noise texture…so basically, all the CSS rules that have annoyingly complicated syntaxes that can be hard to remember and even harder to type out. These properties are also very versatile, you can use linear gradients and noise texture as background, borders and border radiuses to change the shape of elements, and box shadow to add dimension to any of your HTML elements. With CSSMatic, the code is created for you using an interactive platform, and the code that’s generated can be copy and pasted into your stylesheets.

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Not only does this generator make your life easier as a developer, but if you’re just learning CSS, it’s also a really good way to understand the foundations of these properties. Some of these properties, especially the ones that have a lot of variables, like gradients and box shadows, can be difficult to fully understand without seeing them in action. With the CSSMatic, you can actually play around with different values and see the results unfold in front of you quickly and easily, which is a great way to gain full understanding of the concepts.

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