DinosaurGame.net: Your New Favorite Time Waster

One of my favorite platforms to browse since the decline of StumbleUpon and Digg (I miss Digg so much) is Product Hunt. It’s about as good as it gets when it comes to finding good stuff to take advantage of on the open web. One of the games I ran into is a clone of the Chrome Dinosaur Game that we all love to hate. Namely because if we are playing it, it means we are having major connectivity problems. Specifically for me, it’s when I lose power but my battery back-up keeps my computer on for another 30 minutes.

Aptly named ‘Dinosaur Game‘, this is exactly the same game but with a small twist. Countries compete against each other with high scores. I always wanted to know if I could beat my friends on this mini-game, but unfortunately this version does not have individual scores. Hopefully, it is something they will roll out in the near future. In fact, I could see this becoming a big hit as an app, although approval from the Google Play Store may be a bit of an issue.

Speaking of an issue, my contention is that the dinosaur is actually a man in one of those blow up dinosaur costumes. Prove me wrong.

Regardless, this is a fun little time waster, and I added 205 points for the United States, so I have done my part. I highly recommend this one for anyone stuck in class or looking to kill some time. But just remember, that your internet must actually be connected.

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