Essential Skills That Make You A Better Angular Developer


Long ago, if you had been a master of just a single technical skill you would have secure and stable employment. However, with a shift in technology, developers now require more knowledge regarding programming languages. This is particularly true if you want to become an Angular developer. Because for an angular developer angular framework or even HTML alone won’t suffice. That is the reason a developer has to keep himself up to date with the programming languages. And a developer should know how he can use his acquired skills whenever it’s needed.   

Therefore, in this article, I will be broadening your horizons regarding some of the essential skills that make you a better Angular developer. Let’s take a look!

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1. Angular

This one is clearly an important one as you can not become an excellent Angular developer unless or until you acquire full knowledge or understanding of Angular framework. Angular framework has a vast variety of concepts containing different parts. So, in order to master this it will surely take a lot of time to fully acquire the knowledge about it. 

Besides the good news is that you needn’t worry, you can just start building valuable applications by knowing just the basics of the Angular framework. Consequently, every Angular application or website that you develop requires forms, services, components, or modules. Therefore if you know Angular you would have the ability to add content to these components that can help you build a fully featured production application. 

Once you start gaining more knowledge about Angular you’ll find out there are various versions of it. For instance it has 14 versions. Each version has its own perks. So if you have Angular 10 and you want to practice creating your first website then you can do it without any hassle. As it is quite fast.

Hence if you have acquired knowledge about just the basics and you think that would be sufficient Well it is not. I would urge you not to stop the learning process and on the side keep creating practical or functional applications to polish your knowledge. Because you will be able to do cool things like create theme switch material by using Angular material. So you will be switching from the black to white theme. And the theme will be persistent on every next page you create.

2. Angular CLI

Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) tools help an Angular developer in order to initialize, maintain or develop Angular applications from a command shell. Angular CLI immensely helps Angular developers by reducing the process of writing codes in order to configure new applications. 

Angular CLI has many uses apart from creating a new application; you can use it to add new modules, services, or components to an already existing application. Consequently, this will prevent a lot of typing while ensuring that you follow the guidelines of Angular coding. Therefore if you have a complete knowledge of CLI you will find relief from typing every line of code that takes long hours to type.   

3. TypeScript

TypeScript is considered to be a superset of JavaScript which is one of the primary languages for Angular website development. When the client-side web applications use JavaScript, Angular development includes support for TypeScript. 

As TypeScript is known to reduce any errors or bugs resulting in enhancing the ability to work in order to create highly functional websites. Furthermore, TypeScript will provide you with the power to grow and evolve your applications or web pages based on the customer’s changing requirements. Therefore if you will have knowledge about TypeScript you will have the benefits of strong typing, ensuring the use of variables or functions. Consequently having proficiency in TypeScript will help you in managing large web projects as it provides a much better framework. 

4. Node Package Manager (NPM)

Node Package Manager (NPM) is an essential tool which is required for an Angular developer. Aside from using node.js, Angular developers widely use this npm tool in order to install thousands of client-side web development packages – including Angular. Plus, npm is a JavaScript package manager that helps in running JavaScript outside the web browser. That is the reason knowledge and proficiency in npm allow the developers to control their project’s dependencies. 

The entirety of Angular is known to be spread across with multiple npm packages and it would be necessary for you to eventually install other useful, Non-Angular packages as well. 


For creating single-page applications (SPA), having knowledge of the Angular framework is very essential for building fast and functional websites. Therefore creating user interfaces by using CSS and HTML is equally important if rendering these applications in a browser. 

Hypertext markup language or HTML helps in describing the structure of a web page. Cascading style sheet or CSS decides how to display HTML elements that are responsible for styling various web pages. 

So, it is not necessary that you should have an in-depth knowledge of CSS and HTML, if you just have a basic understanding of them it will help you in creating functional websites. Apart from CSS and HTML, knowledge about web markup allows the developers to appreciate the interaction and positioning of elements such as UX concepts. 

6. JavaScript

JavaScript is considered to be one of the most essential tools for a front-end developer. As CSS and HTML that are mentioned above aim to design the presentation of the page or user interface and JavaScript does the functionality. For instance, if you want to create a unique website or an application for a client or company, including lots of features such as video, audio, or even high-quality animation, etc. You will definitely need the help of the JavaScript tool for implementing such interactive features.  

7. RxJS

This is Reactive Extension for JavaScript, it is a library for reactive programming that provides a wide range of operators and operations. Having knowledge of RxJS enables you to create applications by using a reactive approach.

Therefore if you have proficiency in Angular website development it will help you in creating observable data streams. Plus with the help of RxJS, developers will easily be able to handle AJAX responses and requests with zero difficulties.

Furthermore, Angular framework uses observables and other features of RxJS in order to provide a consistent API. It further helps in listening and responding to the user input events. Moreover, it also assists in making HTTP requests for data as well. It often happens that employers usually prefer hiring candidates who have extensive knowledge or proficiency in using RxJS.


Ultimately, upon considering all the facts the growing requirement for dynamic web applications is increasing day by day. As a result, the demand for Angular developers will definitely increase. 

Angular is considered to be one of the fastest, most popular, and most reliable frameworks for cross-platform front-end development. So, if you learn all the skills like the ones mentioned above you will be able to become a master of Angular and you will be able to become the best Angular developer.

Plus you should also consider using the fast laptop so that nothing can hold you down to achieve your goal. If you already have one and its slow you can make your laptop faster to quickly get the things done.

Moreover, always be on the lookout for new skills because there is always something new and you should keep yourself up to date if you want to become an excellent Angular developer.  

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