Free Color Palette for Your Spring Projects

Got the winter blues? Feeling uninspired? Or just looking for a fun, bright color palette to add some life to your projects? We’ve put together a free, trendy color scheme for you to use in any of your upcoming projects. Check it out below:


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Featuring a subdued pink, a neutral creme, a bright green, a soft lilac, and an electric yellow/green, this palette has something for every kind of project. Working on something fun and exciting? Try mixing the green, creme, and yellow. If your current project requires a palette that’s a little more subtle, the pink and creme, pink and purple, or some combo of the three will work for you.

However you mix and match them, all combos of these colors look great together and will add a fresh, springy look to any of your sites. If you want to use them in any upcoming projects, see below for the hex and RGB codes.

  • Pink: #ffc0cb // rgb(255, 192, 203);
  • Creme: #fff4e6 // rgb(255, 244, 230);
  • Green: #30f2c6 // rgb(48, 242, 198);
  • Lilac: #ebd8f9 // rgb(235, 216, 249);
  • Yellow: eff066 // rgb(230, 240, 102);

Remember, to use rgba instead of rgb, just add a fourth value within the parentheses at the end of the rgb numbers, and remember to write rgba instead of rgb. The value should be between 0 and 1 depending on how opaque you want the color to be — 1 for completely opaque, 0 for completely transparent.

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