Free Online Resources to Learn HTML/CSS Coding for Beginners

These days, coding has become a very popular trend. Whether you’re a student who wants to learn how to code using HTML or CSS on your own or you need to learn for school, there are many free online resources to take advantage of. There are so many resources available online. The key to choosing the best ones is to learn everything you can about them. There are also lots of resources you need to pay for. But starting with free resources is a lot more practical.

Noble Desktop

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Noble Desktop offers a massive collection of free resources. One of the best parts of learning CSS and HTML is that these are the basic languages of the industry. With this online resource, you can take advantage of guides, tutorials, and more. As a beginner, these resources could help you understand CSS and HTML at the most basic level. You can ease yourself into the learning process by using different types of learning materials.

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Another wonderful online trend to take advantage of is online writing services. A bit part of a college education is the completion of written homework for your classes. After a lesson, your teacher could assign homework to reinforce learning. As a student, you have the option to use the homework completer from EduBirdie. This gives you more time to focus on other school responsibilities. It also helps lessen your load while studying in university. You can even spend more time learning using free online resources.


Udemy is a place to find free courses, although with limited features. If you want more perks, there is an option to pay a minimal fee. This gives you the ability to get a certificate of completion after a course, message instructors directly, and more. The prices of CSS and HTML courses vary depending on the complexity. Udemy also offers more comprehensive topics like CSS animation and the creation of interactive videos. But if you just need basic training, the free courses are enough. 


Codeacademy offers many free courses and programs on basic CSS and HTML. Learning these courses will provide you with basic technical skills that the IT industry considers valuable. The developers of this site believe that they have perfected the learning process of coding. The courses allow you to learn by doing, practice what you’ve learned, and get feedback instantly. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an excellent resource where all of the courses are completely free. This is a great option for students interested in introductory courses on CSS and HTML. You can find video lessons and many opportunities for hands-on practice. This site is especially beneficial for beginners, although it also offers advanced topics. While learning, you can comment on the video lessons. There’s also the option to interact with other learners.

Khan Academy is very simple and basic. You don’t need to subscribe, and you don’t have to sit through ads. This means that you can focus solely on learning without getting distracted.


educative is a site that’s considered more updated. It offers modern CSS and HTML courses that include the latest versions of these languages. Here, you can learn CSS 3 and HTML 5 in an interactive, text-based manner. It even includes JavaScript.

For the HTML course, you will learn how to create basic web pages, change colors, build lists, add images, and perform other simple tasks. For the CSS course, you will learn how to change font sizes and colors, add style to web pages and add content boxes too.


Skillcrush offers a Free Coding Camp that’s perfect for beginners. The site offers a beginner-friendly method of introducing CSS and HTML coding. The great thing about the courses here is that you can complete them in a matter of minutes. This means that it’s easy to squeeze in some learning every day, no matter how busy you are. 

Through the coding camp, you will learn the simplest form of coding. You’ll even get to try creating your own code. This will give you a better idea of whether coding is something you should pursue or not. 


Learning CSS and HTML coding is a great way to kick off your web development career. By learning the basics, you will open yourself to many opportunities both in tech and non-tech industries. The mastery of CSS and HTML languages will help you move forward in school. Once you start working, this mastery will help you advance in your career. You will even have the option to choose the best career path since you’ve already mastered the fundamentals. Coding is exciting and offers promising careers, so start anytime and have fun with it.

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