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Jeremy Harrington is the user experience advocate and visual designer behind crawlspace|media, a creative design firm.

Designers Toolbox: OS Form Elements

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It’s useful and sometimes quite necessary to sketch out your designs prior to diving into the code. Most designers use Photoshop or similar applications to design their mockups and more often then not need to include form controls like dropdown menus, radio buttons, etc. This site offers a wide variety of controls – on popular platforms and for the big three browsers – for use in image editing applications. This is a big time saver if you don’t already have a library of these snippets handy.

Techniques for designing with type characters

While this article is quite detailed and probably a bit of a stretch for any ‘newbie’ site it’s a great read. Every developer who touches CSS code in any manner is dealing with fundamental elements of graphic communication: layout, type, imagery, color, balance and the added dimension of interactivity. Understanding typography is vital to creating a great design, regardless of medium.

Get Inspired!

This is one of the best collections of great css-based design on the web. You can find yourself spending hours checking out these linked and occasionally annotated screen shots.

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