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Hypsometry. On tradition, harmony, pitch, the atonal, typography, Fibonacci, and coincidence.

This article may be a little headier than most of the things I link to, but Chris Boone has put together an interesting argument for the use of the traditional typesetting sequence of sizes on the web. He posits that a traditional set of useful web type sizes (10pt – 36pt) comprise a “harmony” regardless of the “frequency” — that is, it doesn’t matter if we’re talking points, pixels or ems, so long as the proportion between the type sizes remains the same. Chris also gives a few coding examples, to show how all of this theory can be put to good (and simple!) practice.

15 Great Examples of Web Typography | i love typography, the typography blog has a great roundup on 15 websites that make great use of CSS to create some fantastic typography for the web. Web typography is almost something of an oxy-moron these days, with so few typefaces from which to safely choose. And yet here are more than a dozen sites featuring beautiful, well thought out typography.

Free 27 Page Type Classification eBook | Just Creative Design

If all of this typographical mumbo-jumbo talk is flying right over your head, this new free e-book from Just Creative Design might be a good resource to check out. All you need to do is subscribe to JCD’s RSS feed, and you’ll be given a password to download his new e-book. The 27-page resource describes the 10 types of classification used to describe different typefaces in the graphic design world.

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