Great Resources Elsewhere: May 20 to May 27

4 Uber Cool Css Techniques For Links | Css Globe

CSS Globe has a tutorial roundup of four fairly cool things you can do with anchor tags. Each of them has been posted on their site before (and there’s a decent chance I’ve linked to them previously), but they’re worth a look and a second mention. The tutorials show you how to create a CSS tooltip, an image gallery, an “image resizer” (resizes on mouseover), and a rather nice looking button effect.

Jonathon Eric Cihlář – XHTML + CSS template for nutrition

Anyone who has a food-related website (or perhaps just a love of both food and CSS) can appreciate this one: Jonathon Cihlar has posted an article on how he created a nutritional information template for his foody website using XHTML and CSS. The template is table-heavy, and that turned me off the technique at first, but I think I’ve decided that tables are probably the way to go in this case. The data is simply too complicated to organize sensibly otherwise.

30 Cool Web Designer T-Shirts, for your every mood | Speckyboy – WordPress and Design

Speckyboy has compiled a fun roundup of 30 t-shirts that would be right at home in any web designer’s closet. Some of them are silly and others are geeky, but they would all let your admirers know in no uncertain terms that you are a Web Designer. And that your entire life philosophy can be summed up in a pithy saying on the front of a tee. :)

NETTUTS – Web development tutorials and links – Unraveling the Secrets of WordPress’ Comments.php File

If you’ve ever done any WordPress template customization, you know as well as I do: the comments.php file is ~confusing~. Luckily, that’s why God invented NetTuts. This week, they’ve walked us through the mysteries of the comments.php file, explained what everything does, and even made some nice suggestions for customization. I’ll be referring to this tutorial the next time I do any WordPress templating!

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