Hire a Virtual Assistant for creating your business website: Best Platforms

You need a strong website if you want to promote your business, make it stand out, and look professional. Website helps attract both new and existing customers.  

Put it simply, no successful business is without an effective website. 

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According to general Instagram statistics (published in January 2022), 50 % of Instagram users say they clicked through to a brand’s website after seeing one of their Instagram stories. Hence the website will make people feel you are a real business.

A Virtual Assistant will be the perfect solution if you think creating a website is expensive or you are a small team and need another helping hand. 

Wondering what is VA and how to hire a Virtual Assistant to create your business website? Then let’s dive in. 

 What is a Virtual Assistant? 

A Virtual Assistant is a remote worker who provides administrative support while you can focus on your priorities and invest all your time in the things that really matter to the growth of your business. 

Virtual Assistants save not only your time but money as well. VA tends to cost less than on-site employees and can be hired around the globe. 

Pros and cons of virtual work

Today, working virtually is becoming more and more popular. It reduces overhead costs, saves time, helps achieve a life-work balance for both employee and employer, allows access to the global talent pool especially with IT outstaffing services, and much more.

Although virtual teams have many edges, there are also some drawbacks. The cultural differences and absence of non-verbal cues can raise a number of conflicts, lack of trust and collaboration in virtual teams. But the right leadership approach can help to overcome these disadvantages.  

90 % of workplace conflicts are due to ineffective leadership, so you need strong communication skills and conflict-solving strategy. Nowadays, there are a lot of courses that can help you with that. The Peaceful Leaders Academy offers courses to improve leadership skills. They have programs both for employees and employers. A conflict resolution training can help you to become a certificated peaceful leader and successfully lead on-site or off-site teams.

Best platforms to hire a Virtual Assistant for creating your business website.

If you have already started thinking about hiring a Virtual Assistant, here are 4 best platforms:

1.    Virtalent

Want to hire a UK Virtual Assistant to help you grow your company, then Virtalent is a perfect choice. Virtalent’s Virtual Assistants have 15 years of professional experience on average. Hence, no doubt, here you will find the VA you need.  

Virtalent is also suitable for startups. 90 % of its clients are growing businesses. Therefore, here, you can find a need-tailored Virtual Assistant.

You can Book a free consultation and find your ideal match VA.

2.    Wishup 

Wishup is a perfect option for entrepreneurs and businesses which aim to build highly efficient and cost-effective remote teams. It will help you make your remote team within a day. 

Wishup is very flexible and can offer an instant replacement. It has 500 + VAs deployed across the globe.

In Wishup, you can hire:

  • Virtual Assistants 
  • Accountants & Bookkeepers 
  • Software Tester/QA Engineers

You can book Free Consultation.

3.    Time etc

Say ‘hello’ to achieving more, and wave goodbye to energy-zapping tasks and stress; here is what offers Time etc.

Time etc has assisted more than 22,000 entrepreneurs so far, so if you want to hire outstanding U.S-based Virtual Assistants, Time etc is for you. It will help you feel less stressed and more organized.

Here you can try the first task for free or book a consultation. 

4.    Delegated

Front office, back office, and personal support. All of these you can get from Delegated. 

Here you can create a workflow and choose how you want to communicate with your VA. 

Delegated offers 3 subscription plans:

·         Pro (75 hours of task work per month) with 3600 $ monthly cost

·         Ramp (50 hours of task work per month): $2400/month

·         Lite (25 hours of task work per month): $1200/month

Wrapping up

As we see, websites give your business a chance to thrive. If you don’t have one yet, hiring a Virtual Assistant to create your website will be one of your smartest decisions. You already know the best platforms to help you hire the VA according to your needs. 

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