How To Get A Job As A Web Developer


Getting a job as a web developer can be a bit tricky. First, you need to make yourself learn all there is to learn about programming. Plus a web developer can learn on his own or get a college degree. 

The question that often arises is, how to get an interview? How is it possible to impress the team in an interview?  

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Thus, I will be going through every step to explain how can you get a job as a web developer. 

1. Is It Possible To Get A Job Without Any Experience?

This is a query of every job seeker. As you might think that employers can’t give you a job without any experience. So, how can you get any experience without a job? Well, the great news is that web developers have a special benefit here. Because coding has so many apps and the demand for these skills is so high. Thus, there are so many projects and ways in which you can build up your experience.

2. How To Gain Valuable Experience To Get A Job? 

Web developers have plenty of ways to put their skills to good use. They can do volunteering to gain experience. Whatever the projects they work on they can later add them to their portfolio. And it will be a valuable experience.

Another way of gaining valuable experience is doing freelancing work. If you will do freelancing there can be a variety of gigs that can help you in building credibility. Besides Upwork and Fiverr are the best way to get a freelancing gig. On these platforms, several small companies could use your services. Plus, when you show your portfolio to employers. They will see that you have successfully worked on your skills and you are ready to use them. 

Moreover, you can also work on open-source projects. As it has publicly available source code that anyone can modify. Plus it is quite good for new developers. By working on it you can put your skills to practice. Because open-source projects provide you an opportunity. For you to work in collaboration with other developers. For instance, you can easily find these open-source projects on GitHub.

Hence to convince your employers that you are ready for a job is putting all your skills to practice. That is the reason it is quite essential to keep learning and building. The more you work the more you will have to discuss things in your interview. So keeping up with projects and trying out new things is a great way to improve your coding or programming.

3. How To Look For Web Development Jobs?

After gaining valuable experience. Now it is time to find a solid strategy to find a perfect job for yourself. Web development is quite a broader field with loads of different avenues that you can pursue. Before you start to look for a job you should think about what you are looking for.

While finding you should keep in mind your existing skills or goals for the future. As web development has three types:

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Full-stack development

So you should be crystal clear about which one of the above types you will be choosing for your career. 

4. Questions You Should Be Completely Clear Before Applying 

Many people often apply randomly for a job. Without even considering what requirements they want us to fulfill. Therefore before applying or searching for a job. You should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to be working as a front-end, back-end, or full-stack developer?
  • Are you willing to work in a small or big organization?
  • Would you able to able to handle a small or large team?
  • Will you prefer to work remotely, in an office?
  • Will you be willing to relocate or travel?

Thus, the above-mentioned questions will give you a good idea of what are your preferences. Besides, I’ll make your job hunting much more easier and efficient.

5. How To Make Sure That Your Job Application Stands Out?

After having a clear mind about what you are choosing. Now the next challenging thing is to secure an interview. Recently the demand for web developers has risen. So the experienced developers can get a new job in an instance. But a problem arises when a new developer has little to no experience. Therefore he has to convince his employers a little.

So the question is how to stand out from other applicants? First, you have to make a great resumé and cover letter. Second, you have to pay attention to the vocabulary you are using. Thus you should use words that your recruiters can spot easily. So, you might want to focus on mentioning keywords. For instance: CSS, HTML or JavaScript, etc.

Lastly, you should highlight your skills carefully. As developers have a long list of skills. Thus, you should consider mentioning the relevant skills. When you are filling your job description to avoid complications.

Or you could also mention some of the programming certificates that you got during your learning process. Which can be taken as a plus point by your employers.  

6. Keep Your Online Profile Up To Date

One should make an online profile like people make on LinkedIn. You should make necessary changes to your online profiles. Because it makes a good impression on your recruiters who will search you online. Also, you should add all the information about your skills. Your qualifications or experience should be up-to-date. And upload a professional photo of yourself, not a selfie.

Job hunting can be extremely time-consuming. And when applying it always happens that we fire off loads of generic applications all at once.

7. How To Impress Recruiters In An Interview?

When you have landed an interview. Now comes the final step: to ace your interview and secure a role as a developer. You have to talk about your experience and how have you put your skills to practice. At the same time, you need to show your passion and enthusiasm for the role as a developer.

During your interview, you can be given a coding challenge or some technical test. It will be given to see how much you know about what you have acquired. For example if you have mastered JavaScript so before the interview you can just go through this informative JavaScript cheat sheet to get the full know how about JavaScript.

Besides if it is your first ever interview then you won’t be expected to know everything. Make sure to mention or emphasize the fact although you don’t know about (something) yet you will learn quickly. This way you can earn much more credibility than being pretentious as an expert. 

One more thing that is quite essential is that you should know everything about the company. The company to which you have applied. What they do, how they like to do things etc. As it will help you develop a better understanding of them.


Conclusively, now you can have a better understanding of how to get a job as a developer. Just keep the above-mentioned points in mind. And I believe you will be able to find a job in no time.

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