HTML5 / CSS3 Timeline Reader from Associated Press Labs

AP Labs - HTML5 Timeline Reader

One of the sweetest examples of HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript user-interfaces I’ve seen recently comes from, of all people, the Associated Press. It’s an HTML5 Timeline News reader that has a UI as sweet as GrooveShark but without any Flash in sight…

AP Labs - HTML5 Timeline Reader

This slick HTML5 webapp allows users to easily sort through the news as it happens. News stories pop open when hovered giving you a glimpse of what’s new.

I’d deeply love to see something like this for Google live search results. I feel like this is what they were going for with Google Wave, but this concept and execution just knocks it clean out of the water.

I’m envisaging other ways an interface like this could be employed… not just search results – what about movie trailers, images, torrents, music, anything – even web development articles 8-o!

It appears to be using local storage to save your options, but I haven’t dug into the code so I suppose it could be cookies. In any case… I just love it. Congrats AP labs.

Definitely check this out at

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