Privacy Policy

I hate spam just as much as you do. And I’m going to do my best to ensure you don’t get one iota more of it in your life from your interactions with me.

Your information is safe with me. Below is a list of the places you might provide personal information, and how it will (or more to the point, won’t) be used.

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  1. Comment Submission
    When you submit a comment on CSSnewbie, you are giving me a name (not necessarily your real name), an email address, and (optionally) a website address. All of this information is recorded, and your chosen name and optionally provided website URL will be displayed on this site. However, your email address will never be publicly displayed, nor will it ever be given or sold to any other entity. I may use the address as a means to contact you directly if I have a question, but that is the extent of that use.
  2. Contact Form Submission
    If you choose to submit a comment or question via the contact form, your name, email address, optional website and message are stored. However, none of this information is or will become public information. The author(s) of this site are the only people who will ever see it, and it will only be used to respond to your question or comment. It will never be given away or sold.

Removing Information

If you ever accidentally reveal any personal information on this site (e.g., place your email address inside of a comment’s text) and would like it removed, simply contact us using the contact form and ask that it be removed. Please let us know the rough time and date of your comment, as well as the email address you used to publish the comment (so we can prove that you are really you). We will remove your personal information as soon as possible.

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