The Newbie’s Guide to Code Snippets

If you’re new to CSS (or even if you aren’t!), you can learn a lot from checking out different CSS code snippets. Not only can you use them to learn some new CSS techniques or skills (studying snippets is a great way to see how properties can be used in different ways to achieve all sort of CSS effects), but you can also use them to spark your creativity and get some ideas for your next projects. Snippets are definitely an invaluable resource for budding developers.

Where can you find them?

A lot of tech sites or blogs have a section dedicated to CSS snippets (we even have a few posts about snippets). Some of the best sites to visit for snippets are , CSS Tricks, and CSS Flow.

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How can you use them?

On most snippet sites, the snippet code will be available for you to copy and paste into your own projects (for front-end snippets, this can usually include both the HTML and the CSS, or just the CSS, maybe some JavaScript…or any combination of the three). More complex snippets might be zipped and available for you to download and then access on your own text editors. The easiest way to use the snippets is to just copy and paste them into your own projects (be sure to change any class, id, or element names so that the snippet will correspond with the HTML elements in your projects). The best part about snippets is that they’re open source, so you can change and modify them a little OR a lot to suit your needs. Maybe you just want to change a color or a font-size, or maybe you want to use the snippet as a jumping-off point to create something totally different — either way, you can do with them what you please.

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