What Is TypeScript? Advantages & Disadvantages Of TypeScript Over JavaScript


Many say that TypeScript and JavaScript are quite similar. Various developers believe TypeScript is way better to use. As TypeScript makes it easier to read and comprehend the code. Besides, TypeScript supports object-oriented programming concepts. For instance, interfaces, classes, inheritance, etc.

Plus, it adds optional static types, modules, and classes to JavaScript. So that it can enable better structuring of the large JavaScript applications. 

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Thus in this article, you will be able to know what TypeScript is. What are its pros and cons in comparison to JavaScript? In order for you to understand how TypeScript is better than JavaScript. Let’s dive deeper and find out the pros and cons of using TypeScript in comparison to JavaScript. 

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is an open-source programming language. It was developed by Anders Hejlsberg and was maintained by Microsoft. Besides TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. As it means that any code that is valid in JavaScript will also be valuable for TypeScript.

The main aim of TypeScript is to improve productivity. So that you can develop complex applications. 

TypeScript is a syntactic superset of JavaScript. Because it adds static typing meaning. As TypeScript adds syntax on top of the JavaScript. That allows the developers to add types.

Plus TypeScript and JavaScript both come under the top 15 programming languages that developers try to gain knowledge about. Because it is quite crucial to understanding the connection between them. As many believe or say that TypeScript is better than JavaScript. But there is no right answer for it as it entirely depends upon the developer’s preference.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of TypeScript Over JavaScript

Advantages of TypeScript Over JavaScript

Following are some of the advantages of TypeScript over JavaScript:

  • TypeScript is a more dependable programming language and refactorable in comparison to Javascript
  • The TypeScript lets you know about the mistake at arrangement time. While JavaScript lets you know at the runtime.
  • TypeScript overcomes the challenges of JavaScript for large-level complex applications. So, TypeScript saves development time and allows developers to become more efficient.
  • The difference between TypeScript and JavaScript is that. TypeScript compiles the code into JavaScript before execution.
  • TypeScript offers a variable declaration, and type system, which JavaScript doesn’t offer.
  • Basically TypeScript will help you in code organizing.
  • TypeScript uses concepts like interfaces and types to describe the data. While JavaScript has no such concept available. 
  • TypeScript has a feature of prototyping but JavaScript does not have this feature. 
  • Plus TypeScript supports generics, modules, and interfaces to define data. Whereas JavaScript has no support for interfaces, modules, and generics.  
  • The TypeScript functions can have optional parameters. While JavaScript functions cannot have any optional parameters.
  • TypeScript supports strongly typed or static typing features while JavaScript doesn’t. 
  • Also, TypeScript is a powerful and intuitive programming language. It is suitable for large projects. Whereas JavaScript is neat and clean. That is only suitable for simple web applications and small projects.

Disadvantages of TypeScript Over JavaScript

Following are some of the disadvantages of TypeScript over JavaScript:

  • JavaScript runs directly on the browser. While TypeScript converts into JavaScript code to be understandable for browsers. 
  • JavaScript does not need compilation while TypeScript does need compilation.
  • JavaScript is used on both client and the server-side while TypeScript is only used on the client-side.
  • TypeScript takes a long effort to incorporate the code.
  • TypeScript does not uphold theoretical classes.
  • JavaScript has a large community of software developers. Whereas TypeScript has a smaller community of software developers.
  • JavaScript is popular for its simplicity and ease of learning. Whereas TypeScript can be a bit fast and arduous. so you would have to spend time much time learning to use it properly. 
  • Before learning TypeScript you must know or learn about JavaScript.
  • There is huge community support for JavaScript. With lots of documentation and support for solving issues. But TypeScript doesn’t have huge community support but it’s still growing.  
  • You can easily learn JavaScript on the go. Plus you won’t need any scripting experience. While TypeScript takes a long time to learn and code and you must have scripting knowledge.  


Conclusively after going through all the solid facts. We can only say that both programming languages have their pros and cons. 

Thus, TypeScript is most suitable for developers who want to create readable code. A code that is neat and clean. Plus TypeScript is a perfect choice if you are handling complex or large projects. Whereas JavaScript is most suitable when you have to work on small web projects. Hence you would find many developers who are proficient in JavaScript coding. And are much happier to utilize JavaScript instead of TypeScript. 

Basically, it’s all about preference. So some developers will learn both JavaScript and TypeScript. But some would only consider to use JavaScript. Or whichever of the programming languages will provide them with much ease to use it.

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