Advanced jQuery Tabbed Box Techniques

Last week’s article covered how to build a tabbed box interface, starting with Photoshop, and moving through XHTML and CSS to our basic jQuery functionality. If you missed it, I would highly recommend starting your reading there. This article will show you how to use jQuery to make your tabbed interface more attractive and interactive. […] Read Article

Advanced CSS Accordion Effect

A while back, I wrote an article demonstrating how the accordion effect could be replicated with nothing more than CSS. There was one caveat, however: the technique didn’t work in Internet Explorer 6 due to its limited support of :hover. Today I’m revisiting the CSS accordion technique and will make a modification or two that will let it work with IE6. […] Read Article

The EqualHeights jQuery Plugin

After I wrote and published my last article on writing a function to equalize heights in jQuery, I realized that the function would probably make a really useful jQuery plugin. This is that plugin. This plugin is slightly more sophisticated than the function I wrote earlier this week. […] Read Article

jQuery-Based Popout Ad: Part 2

Part 2 of our series is going to build on what we accomplished last week. Namely, we’re going to take the ad we built last week and animate it, as well as provide the user with a means to open and close the ad. […] Read Article