New to CSS? New to CSSnewbie? Start Here!

I get a great many reader comments that read something like this: “Your site is the best CSS resource on the web (okay, maybe I’m embellishing slightly here), but where do I start if I’m new?” And that’s a fantastic question. If you’re new to the site, it can be tough to find your way around at first. So here is a collection of articles to get you started. […] Read Article

Horizontal CSS Dropdown Menus

CSS Newbie reader Andrea Pluhar wrote in with an interesting problem: she wanted to use a CSS dropdown menu on a website that she was building, but the design called for the submenu to be arranged horizontally. She wondered if there was a way to accomplish this effect using CSS. It turns out that there is. […] Read Article

Easy CSS Dropdown Menus

Attractive dropdown menus have long been the realm of Flash developers and advanced JavaScript gurus. But that needn’t be the case. This tutorial will walk you through developing a clean, semantic dropdown menu using XHTML and CSS that works in all modern browsers! […] Read Article