The Simple Secret to Good Dropdown Navigation

Almost every example of good dropdown navigation on the web today relies on a single, simple HTML structure: the nested unordered list. Of course, that means that knowing how to build a good nested unordered list is critical to this entire process. […] Read Article

On Calendars, Lists, Tables and Semantics

I recently wrote an article on creating a calendar using lists instead of tables. The first thing that I realized as the comments started to roll in was that my tutorial was fundamentally incomplete in a couple of vital ways. I’d covered the “how,” but not the “what” or the “why.” So I’ll cover more of that here. […] Read Article

Easy CSS Dropdown Menus

Attractive dropdown menus have long been the realm of Flash developers and advanced JavaScript gurus. But that needn’t be the case. This tutorial will walk you through developing a clean, semantic dropdown menu using XHTML and CSS that works in all modern browsers! […] Read Article

Writing CSS Shorthand

Writing Cascading Style Sheets saves you time and bandwidth in the long run by removing all of the presentational elements and attributes from your web pages and moving them into a separate document. But sometimes that CSS document itself can […] Read Article